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Hosting Plans Explanation

TechNE has been in the hosting business for quite a while now, and its staff is aware of the fact that all customers wish to discover a cheap and reliable web hosting services provider for their websites. That is why all web hosting accounts offered by TechNE are hosted on an avant-garde web hosting platform and come with the easy-to-use Hepsia hosting Control Panel.

Hepsia – A Leading-Edge Web Hosting Control Panel

The Hepsia hosting Control Panel is included with all shared hosting and semi-dedicated servers packages and is available as a cost-free installation option with all VPS and dedicated hosting plans. Hepsia provides clients with an automated installation of the most popular free PHP-driven web apps, so you can build an online diary, a forum, a web store or an online image gallery in mere seconds. Also, there are built-in Domain Manager, Email Manager and File Manager tools.

Multiple Data Center Facility Locations to Choose from

In order to supply customers from all around the world with access to its premium-quality hosting services, we give them the option to choose from different datacenter facilities situated on different continents – Pulsant in London, England; Steadfast in Chicago, United States of America; and Amaze in Sydney, Australia. So, clients from all over the globe can select the data center facility, which is nearest to their physical whereabouts or to their target audience in order to achieve faster website load speeds.

An In-House Developed Cloud Web Hosting Platform

The provision of a stable, reliable and modern web hosting service is one of our primary goals. Their web hosting platform includes different groups of web servers, each of them handling a particular service – Control Panel, hard drive storage space, electronic mails, data backups, statistics, MySQL databases, PostgreSQL databases, and so on. All these sets of servers make up the so-called cloud hosting platform. Our hosting platform is created in-house by TechNE's staff. In our opinion this is remarkable. How many genuine cloud web hosting suppliers can you recall now? Web hosting service providers that are not using third-party web hosting Control Panel tools like cPanel or Plesk. Hosting suppliers that have built their own cloud hosting platform and web hosting Control Panel? Sure enough, there is an extremely small number of hosting service providers that have created their platforms and Control Panels in-house. At TechNE, we are one of the few. That's the term that defines a real web hosting company – IN-HOUSE. Now you know.